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Evan Graham is a former pro trainer of retrievers and other gundogs. The highly detailed books and DVD's of the Smartwork system are easy to follow, and will help you to train your own dog to any level you desire. We also offer personal telephone consultations for issues the trainer needs special insight into, so you're never left in the dark about any training matters.

Our seminars are very popular, and can be tailored to suit any specific area of development the host desires. See our "Seminars" page for details.

A Brief Biography of Trainer, Author and Artist Evan Graham

Evan Graham was born November 6, 1946 in Long Beach, CA. He is recently retired from a metropolitan hospital as a Registered Nurse. He is married and has four children and twelve grandchildren. He has also been a contributing writer for The Retriever Journal, and HRC Magazine, and has trained and handled many dogs that earned positions on the National Derby List, including five in a single year. One of them was number three with 49 points (seven wins). All but one was qualified All-age during their Derby careers, and he trained many others that were also QAA. At least three of the dogs he trained, as a professional became Field Champions. 

The driving force behind his development of the Smartwork system was the belief that one can never know how good any dog is whose Basics were not thorough. As a portion of the method refinement, he maintained a strong focus on efficient, effective Basics. The Smartwork system includes three books – each illustrated by the author – and currently fifteen very detailed DVDs. A growing list of champions and accomplished retrievers are listed on our photos page. NOTE: only a partial sampling of the many winning dogs of the Evan Graham system are seen at any one time. We will be rotating pictures and stories!

​This system of retriever training is the clearest, most detailed and easy to understand of any available! Join the thousands of trainers around the world who are enjoying great success with their dogs by doing the training themselves. We have provided unique resources to assure your success!

NOTE: Here are several important items that too often get overlooked, or at least glossed over about the training programs currently available. Before I ever offered any training materials in the market place I listened to a lot of fellow retriever people, and what they had to say (good or bad) about what was already out there. This will sound familiar.

Many, many times they said something like “I don’t want a field trial dog. I want a good solid hunting dog.”
“Some of the programs are hard to understand and follow. They talk too technical…over my head.”
“Some of the programs use terms I don’t understand. I wish they would use simpler terms.”
“Some programs come with a bunch of stuff I don’t need and cost too much for what I want.”
Some of them use finished dogs to show basic fieldwork, and they don’t make mistakes like my dog does. How can I learn to train through those mistakes?”
“No one seems to have much information on puppies in their program. Why do you have to go somewhere else to get that information?”

There’s more…lots more. But of the many letters and emails I’ve received these are the most common observations. That’s why the first publication we offered, Smartwork volume one, contained a comprehensive Glossary of Terms so the newer folks could learn the language of our sport. It broke down the principles of training into simple, easy to understand terms. With each drill or exercise there are diagrams, along with blank note pages to track the progress of their own dogs. 

No one needs to buy the whole program. They can get all of it they want, one item at a time for an average cost of only $25 each. That makes it affordable for anyone. There are multiple special packages that combine items tailored for the needs of individuals, and they are discounted 15%. We can be easily contacted and asked questions anytime through our site.

Every single dog shown being trained in our videos is age appropriate, and at the exact level of training being shown – problems AND solutions in the moment. And that includes a complete, comprehensive Puppy Program featuring retriever pups of multiple breeds. 

The videos are professional quality productions that include 2 and 3 camera shoots, edited so the viewer can clearly see what is going on, and with audio that is clear and easy to understand. Many times we inserted diagrams to make the drills even easier to follow. In short, we’ve seen what you have seen, and have made an earnest effort to address the needs real trainers asked about.

For those who do want a field trial or high level hunt test dog, Smartwork can take you there! Take a look at our site at www.evan-graham.net .

CFC-CAFC Hard Road "Jack earned High Point Junior/Derby Field Trial Retriever. 8 trials-5 wins-27 points!Thanks Bobby Sluggett for letting me play with your dog:-)). It was a very fun year! Hope Roberts.

Pure Smartwork!
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