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Champions, friends, and photos!
Please feel free to email us with photos of you and/or your dogs to rushcreekpress@aol.com , especially 
with news of new accomplishments! On this page you will see some of the many trainers who use our
program that have titled, placed, or are working on titling their dogs, having done the training and handling themselves! The dogs and trainers you see here represent only a sampling. Here's to the achievers!

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. But the really great ones make you feel that you too can become great." ~ Mark Twain

Retrieving Trial CH Featherhunt Justlikegabby with owner/trainer/handler Peter Betteridge, my Australian friend. Gabby is one of two Champion Labradors he has trained and handled, and finished the Australian National Retrieving Championship with!
FC-AFC Teal Creek Patton's Saber 
is one of the first dogs you will see on the Champions page. SABER is one of the top field trial dogs in the country. This year he was a finalist in the Amateur National Championship, won three Open All age Stakes and won an Amateur All Age Stake. At one field trial he won both the Open & Amateur stakes making him a member of the elite "Double Header Club". Saber has qualified for 5 Nationals! He had 22 Derby points as a two year old and became an Amateur Field Champion at the age of three. 
2003 Nat RT Ch Terraway Sargeant Major
(Australian National Retrieving Trial Champion)
Graeme Parkinson (NSW)
RtCh Truclass Bossco "Bossco"
Update on Bossco & Peter! This great team just came in 4th in the 2011 National Retrieving Trial Championship in Australia! Cheers all around!!!
owned & trained by Peter Betteridge. Boss just won a Double Header & titled as a Retrieving Trial Champion; the first all American bred Labrador to title in Australia, and to win a Double Header! 
Congratulations, Peter & Boss! (Australia)
Nodaway Valley’s Stan the Man MH-HRCH-QAA
Placed in two out of three derbies in Georgia while on winter trip.
Earned AKC MASTER HUNTER TITLE at 25 months old.
Earned QAA at 26 months old at first attempt after his MH title.
Earned UKC HRCH TITLE at 29 months old. Owned, trained & handled by Dick Weis

Father and son earn titles!
HR Rocco’s Explorer CDX MH WCX (Rex) at left with owner/trainer/handler Hope Roberts, and SHR Brentwood Gem’s One Too Many MH WCX QFTR (Caesar) 

Update & Kudos for Hope & Ceasar! He is now SHR Brentwood Gem’s One Too Many MH WCX
Ceasar made his MH in straight scores handled and trained exclussively by his owner, Hope Roberts. Cheers!!!

NOTE: Caesar can be seen upper left, having won his first Qualifying! Less than a month later, he's won another Qualifying!!! Hail Caesar!
Special congratulations to owner/trainer Byron Musick & "Molly" (Musick's Miss Hot Ta Molly Deez" SH). She is shown here with her first Master score! Many more to come I'm sure! One more trainer who is doing it himself!
SHR Brentwood Gem’s One Too Many MH WCX (Caesar) is shown here with his first Qualifying win! Owned & handled by amateur trainer Hope Roberts of Victoria BC, Canada. April 21, 2013


Caesar does it again!
He won the Qualifying at the BC Labrador Retriever trial, adding a new title; QFTR
This is his second win in less than a month!

Website design by Evan Graham

MHR WR SR Black Forest Casey
In NAHRA: MHR = Master Hunting Retriever, WR = Working Retriever, SR = Started Retriever.
Also Qualified in the 2002 NAHRA N.W. Regional Invitational and the 2006, 2007 Master Invitational (the RAW). 3rd Place in the 2007 Washington State Bird Dog Challenge Qualifications in HRC Seasoned, HRC Finished and HRC Upland And Qualification in AKC Senior & Master
owner/trainer Dwight "Doc" Erickson - Washington, USA
Hard Road Jack - age 15 months is Caesar's running mate. He bears watching for all the right reasons! He's already racked up a Derby (called "Junior" in Canada) 1st, 3rd and 4th! His win came this past weekend 5/18 & 19 at Prince George field trial. And he's just getting started!

He's being trained and handled by Hope Roberts [seen at right and above], and I'm thinking people are getting nervous about seeing her show up at trials. 

In the words of the late great Rex Carr, "Make 'em hate ya'!"
At left is Doc & Nami's younger dog, Tucker, pictured with the ribbons of both Casey & Tucker. All training and handling of these two dogs is by the owners...in between lots of hunting of course!
"Just a quick note in praise of the SMARTWORK training system. My yellow lab Stan was trained totally by me, a first time dog trainer, using only your books and DVD’s."
My Australian friend Peter Betteridge, an outstanding Smartwork trainer, 
has just titled his 4th Retrieving Trial Champion! - "Ellie" - RTCH Truclass Give m Hell 
Ellie is shown here with her running mate "Bossco", another of Peter's fine champions!
* I've been promised more pictures!
*This page will periodically be updated as new photos arrive.
The Smartwork
Hard Road Jack (by CH Makaila's Outlaw) owned by Bobby Sluggett and co-handled by Hope Roberts gets a double header at Logan Lake Field Trial - wins both Junior trials! That's 3 wins for Jack this year and he's just 16 months old.

Look for lots more from this young hot rod! Way to go, Hope!

BBC Retriever Association had their AGM and awards today. Hard Road "Jack" earned High Point Junior Field Trial Retriever. 8 trials-5 wins-27 points!Thanks Bobby Sluggett for letting me play with your dog:-)). It was a very fun year! Hope Roberts ~ PURE SMARTWORK!
2013 "Saber (FC-AFC Teal Creek Patton's Saber) had another double header win and 6 other wins for a total of 8 ALL Age wins and 48.5 points this year so far. He has qualified for 9 Nationals. Feel free to use this on your site. I appreciate the help you gave me via a phone consultation." Best, Chris 
And new congratulations to owner/trainer Byron Musick & "Molly" (Musick's Miss Hot Ta Molly Deez" SH). She did it again!
Jack wins again! This is win #4 in 7 trials for "Hard Road Jack". Great work Hope Roberts & this fine young dog!

He also ran his first Qualifying this week. Did a nice job for a kid!
Let's put our hands together for owner/trainer Byron Musick & "Molly" (Musick's Miss Hot Ta Molly Deez" SH). She did it again: Master pas #3!
Evan Graham with FC-AFC Blackwater Bart II while winter training in Tennessee during his Derby career.
We always knew Jack was a special guy! Meet new ...
CFC-CAFC Hard Road Jack!
This boy is going places!