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The vitally important foundation for all advanced skills. We teach solid, detailed formal BASICS.
Our standards for seminars. We have a finite amount of time, and a vast amount of information to cover. Because of that, there is a standard announcement I make the first morning at our seminars. That is: "This is not a train the dog day. It's a train the trainer day. With that in mind, I have no idea which attendee’s dogs will actually work, or to what extent. But, because of the nature of this event, we will do our best to involve as many dogs as are instructive to the group as a whole; no more, no less." 

Our goal in any seminar is that all of those who attend will be substantially better trainers when the event is over than they were when it began. I believe that is how I can be of most value during our time together.
This category is highly important! Basic skills can now be elevated toward a fully-trained state, step-by-step.
In our Advanced seminars we use all the skills and talents of fully-trained retrievers; land & water!
We teach trainers to become the best handlers they can be so they can get the best from their dogs in the field when it counts most!
We go into greater detail, and simplify this important, and often misunderstood set of skills than anyone else!
Any combination of Basic, Transitional, Advanced, or other special areas of training you desire! You name it, we do it!
High quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Evan Graham seminars are tailored to the desires of the host. They can be one day, two (as most are), or we often do up to five consecutive days. We also tailor the format as you desire. At your request we format the entire seminar to:
Force fetch
or any combination

5-day Basics/Fundamentals & Advanced seminar Tuesday through Saturday April 8 - 12, 2014!
Dogs for the Basics/Fundamentals seminar can be puppies from 3 months to Senior/Seasoned-level skills.
This SEMINAR will cover all stages of Retriever development; HANDS-ON!
With Evan Graham

A Full Participation Workshop with 1:1 teaching & coaching by Evan Graham
April 8 ~ April 12, 2014
Location: Victoria, BC Canada
All retrieving gundogs at all ages welcome

NOTE: All working spots are filled for this year's seminar.

Contact Hope Roberts via email hoperoberts@shaw.ca

SEMINARS for 2014
Reserve your Evan Graham Seminar by making your deposit here!
No Seminars will be offered until the completion of our mission. We will announce our return. Thank you!
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